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Online casinos are a popular attraction for players located all over the world. When players are looking for a great international online casino, they should make sure they are choosing a site that will cater to their needs. For players from France, there are a number of French online casinos that will allow players to easily access games and services in their native language and be allowed to make casino transactions using Euros. Most of the top France casino sites will offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to new players who register, providing them with free Euros to use on et games that are supported.

For many years, online gambling was illegal in France, but it is now completely legal and players will have the enjoyment of finding a number of international casinos that will offer them the games and services they are seeking. With a number of online casinos as well as land casinos operating in the country, French players will always have the ability to play their favourite games and win real cash rewards. Until 2010, online gambling was not allowed, but after a long dispute with the EU, the French Assembly finally passed a bill that will allow internet gambling. The bill will also allow licensed operators to run casino sites in France. This new legislation opened up a whole new world for players and with many casino sites regulated in France, players will be sure that their needs will be met when they access these.

Players do need to understand the laws that are in place. Even though it states that internet gambling is legal, this does not apply to any games of chance, which would include a large portion of games that are fond in online casinos, including slots. The games that are legally allowed include sports betting and online poker. France is currently the most regulated country when it comes to online gambling, so players are still trying to find sites that will meet their needs. Luckily, there are many international online casinos that will gladly accept players from France and will support the languages and currencies they need to create a safe and enjoyable gambling experience online.