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Players from Italy will have to become familiar with the laws of online gambling before they choose an online casino to meet their needs. Since 2006, online gambling has been legal in Italy, providing players great access to sites that support a variety of games and services. The Government of Italy has appointed a specific agency to oversee online gambling activities. The agency, known as AAMS has taken over all aspects of online gambling and is in charge of issuing gambling licensed and enforcing all gambling laws to make sure each site is operating accordingly and providing a safe environment for all players.

In addition to the casino sites that are licensed by this special agency, there are other options for players who are form Italy. With a number of international sites accepting these players, there are many choices when it comes time to select a great online casino. International casinos that cater to the needs of Italian players will offer local currencies and payment methods so that these players can easily make casino transactions and enjoy a secure experience online. The main benefit of playing at these casinos is that the transactions that occur will not be reported to the Italian government. This allows players to earn great payouts without having to declare the winnings.

No matter what casinos Italian players choose, they should make sure that the site is in fact licensed and regulated by some government body. This will indicate that the site is operating legally and will offer a level of protection to all who register for real money accounts. Italian players will find that here are hundreds of online casinos that will accept them, offering up thousands of game selections. Since each online casino will offer different games, services and bonus offers, Italian players will have a superb selection and will always benefit from the games that are offered.

While many players will prefer to play at sites that are licensed by AAMS, some players are still enjoying the action at international casino sites. Most players who engage in online gambling will be more interested in winning cash returns and being able to keep those winnings, which is why so many players are playing at sites outside of the regulation of the AAMS.