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When players access online casinos with the sole intention on playing online roulette, they will have to know which variation of the game they prefer, European, American or French. Players who have never played roulette in the past or are new to different versions of the game will want to take the time to become familiar with the different games. There are not many differences and the rules of both games are basically the same, so there should not be much to learn, but playing a few free games of each variation will allow players to become comfortable with both versions so they can completely enjoy their online gambling experience when they start to play the games for real money wagers.

Most players will prefer to play European Roulette. This game is one of the most popular in online casinos because it has a lower house edge. When playing this game, players will only see one zero on the wheel. The wheel in this game has 37 spots, the numbers 1 through 36 and the zero. Players will bet based on different strategies they have developed and most bets will be a single number or a black/red or odd/even bet. However, there are many other available bets when playing roulette and this is also something new players need to become comfortable with.

American roulette is played in the same way and the betting is also done in the same manner. The main difference between the games is that the American version has an extra spot on the wheel. With this version of the game, players will have the chance to bet on a double zero. While this adds a betting option, it actually reduces the chances of winning and increased the house edge. This is why most players will choose European roulette over the American version every time.

French Roulette is very similar to European Roulette with a few exceptions to the rules. With the la partage rule, bets on zero with an even money bet will lose only half. There are also call bets available. With a few free games, players will quickly learn these rules and see how similar the game is to the European version.

Another option when playing roulette is live dealer and multi-player games. Live dealer roulette is simulcast form a land casino and players will play in real time and interact with others. Multi-player versions of the game are played following the same rules and will allow more than one player to enjoy the same game, providing a social aspect.